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Celebrate the official launch of UTRON tokens, and give back to the users who hold the address, open to exchange commodities. 1: Each account only supports to exchange one commodity per day. 2: Each commodity has the description of the exchange quantity. 3: Fill in the postal address after prompting for successful redemption. 4: There will be logistics information within 24 hours of successful redemption. Note: If you want to exchange some contraband products can contact customer service


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Mall List

  • Apple Phone1000 UTRON(Exchange)
  • Apple Computer2333 UTRON(Exchange)
  • Huawei Mobile666 UTRON(Exchange)
  • Mechanical watches600 UTRON(Exchange)
  • Louis Vuitton Bags1500 UTRON(Exchange)
  • Chanel perfume500 UTRON(Exchange)
  • Audi Bikes4300 UTRON(Exchange)
  • BMW 3206666 UTRON(Exchange)
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